The Garcia fashion brand wanted more commerce functionalities and switched to CloudSuite. Result? The conversion in the new webshop is rising sharply

The Garcia brand was launched in the early 1970s by the owners of a denim factory in the Marche region of Italy. Although still famous for its denim, Garcia also creates broader mid-market collections for men, women and children.

The label is now owned by the Dutch JOG Group, based near Rotterdam. Garcia has 38 outlet stores across Europe, with a strong online presence on fashion marketplaces and of course their own webshop. As turnover grew, the company began to feel that they were being held back by their own B2C commerce platform. And that’s where our story starts.

Integration with SAP
Conversion - increase in sales

Replatforming away from SAP

Companies do not easily decide to replatform, but Garcia came to the conclusion that the SAP Hybrid 4.6 solution fell short on their requirements. The previous webshop was a branding website mainly. Important commerce functionalities were missing. This resulted in Garcia not being prepared for the future.

The CloudSuite difference

The renewed webshop offers the complete product range of Garcia. The entire stock is included in the backend, which gives the consumer immediate insight into stock and delivery time. The webshop is therefore experienced as very user-friendly, which has been a determining factor in an increasing online conversion.

The daily collaboration

After the webshop go-live, the intensive collaboration remains. The commerce team of Garcia sets requirements and in collaboration with the CloudSuite team these are converted to new development tasks. CloudSuite works in bi-weekly sprints, making a short time-to-market possible.

"We chose CloudSuite because it directly addresses our needs with its cloud solution and short time-to-market. In addition, CloudSuite has a good cultural fit with Garcia and was also interesting from a cost perspective. That is why we started the collaboration."

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Nyma van Gastel - Digital Project Manager

Future plans with CloudSuite

An important next step is the further international roll-out of Garcia. As they currently have much more powerful e-commerce functionalities with CloudSuite, they can focus on Online strategically. The quality of the content has to be as good as the e-commerce platform and the redesign of the webshop as well.