Maaz Cheese chooses intelligent eCommerce platform CloudSuite

05-09-2019 Suzanne Jense

Maaz Cheese is a new player in the wholesale of cheese. With more than 1,500 cheeses in stock and exports to more than 50 countries, Maaz has a unique market position. In order to put this proposition firmly online, CloudSuite has been chosen as a partner and e-commerce platform, whereby a link is made with the ERP system Infor M3.

Modernizing the cheese market

The cheese market is still fairly traditional when it comes to online development. “With the arrival of an online portal, we want to modernize the ordering and communication process by offering our customers the opportunity to have this taken place online entirely.” said Bernhard Veldhuyzen - General Deputy Director Maaz Cheese.

They help the customer to order as accurately as possible by the clear layout of the screen on PC, tablet or mobile, the simple retrieval of order history from the past weeks and the display of products that they deliver from stock or production.

The ordering environment can easily be personalized by, among other things, compiling assortments yourself. In addition, the customer can adjust the order of the products to the order in which they have them ordered in their own warehouse.

Why CloudSuite?

Maaz Cheese has carefully approached the selection process for a new eCommerce platform. In doing so, they considered and compared several parties. The decisive factors for choosing CloudSuite were:

  1. The good integration of the CloudSuite API to the ERP system Infor M3,
  2. A good match with the CloudSuite team and people,
  3. The reference visits to other customers who confirmed the choice of CloudSuite.

CloudSuite in the Food sector

In the recent years, CloudSuite has already welcomed beautiful customers in the Food sector. Within this sector, price agreements, delivery times and order lists play an important role in the ordering process. In addition, you often have to deal with a fresh and own range of products, where customers order products daily. The CloudSuite eCommerce platform responds well to this.

"With customers such as Van Gelder, Beko wholesaler, Advion and now also Maaz Cheese, we show that CloudSuite offers an innovative and proven solution for the Food sector." said Okko Huisman - CEO CloudSuite.

About Maaz Cheese

Maaz Cheese was founded by Mathieu Zijerveld. With the takeover of Veldhuyzen Kaas (export of Dutch cheese and cheese specialties) and Fromagerie Europa (importer of foreign cheeses), Maaz Cheese has a wealth of knowledge in the field of cheese, in the broadest sense of the word.

A large distribution center has been built in Bodegraven. The special thing about this is that the entire process from cheese maturing to small packaging, bulk storage and distribution takes place under one roof. This makes them unique in Europe.

Maaz Cheese will serve all sales channels within the Benelux. From specialty shops and markets to retailers and catering wholesalers. Consumers are the exception. Outside Europe, Maaz Cheese supplies importers and retailers in more than 50 countries.

Customers who already successfully use the CloudSuite platform include: Goossens Wonen & Slapen, Secrid, Charlie Temple, Paardekooper, Van Gelder and many others.