Smart Performance

Integration, version management and always 24/7 monitoring of your eCommerce environment

An eCommerce platform is only as smart as the IT behind it. For both back- and frontend, CloudSuite delivers complexity that is transparent and simple to manage. Through our API Connect module, our eCommerce platform integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP system, payment providers, shopping feeds, accounting tools and email marketing software. CloudSuite lets you set up and run multiple webshops from a single server. The platform is stable and secure, but has the virtuosity to put you in control. The CloudSuite eCommerce platform is there for just one reason: to showcase your brand and to make your vision of it come alive in eCommerce.

Guaranteed Performance

What matters most in In eCommerce is the customer experience. An important part of that is the speed at which the webshop is loaded. If the website visitor does not have a good and snappy experience, he clicks off and checks out to the competition. The CloudSuite platform has been developed in such a way that the performance is guaranteed, even at peak times after that radio or TV commercial in which you invested so much.

Continues updates

The CloudSuite platform is constantly being enriched with new features. These new functionalities are available to everyone. That’s the power of our platform!