Business Agility

The eCommerce tools that grow with the organization

CloudSuite changes the way you work – not only with your customers, but also with each other as a team, where everyone has ownership of your eCommerce strategy. CloudSuite drives innovation – whether you want to take your products global, sell through marketplaces or acquire a rival B2B or B2C business. Agility means nothing more or less than to be open to change, and make change happen fast. And if you aren’t agile, you will soon be overtaken by the competition.

Trade without borders

Do you want to extend your international reach? The CloudSuite eCommerce platform supports multiple languages, currencies and VAT regimes, making it ideal for setting up international webshops.

B2B e-procurement

Our platform was also developed to cope with very big customers, such as hospitals, hotels and public bodies. Such organizations often prefer to control their superusers, authorizations, workflow and budgets - and with CloudSuite you can make this happen. You can also offer them the convenience of order exchange via OCI punch-in and punch-out.

Omnichannel modules

Using the CloudSuite eCommerce platform, you can easily set up multiple webshops for different target groups and manage them all efficiently from a single portal. Combine B2B and B2C sales and provide your partners with an extra sales channels via white-label shops.