The founders of CloudSuite

Meet Okko Huisman and Eric Klaasse, the founders of CloudSuite. Together, they have over 50 years’ experience with trading companies, e-commerce and business software. In 2010, they started CloudSuite to meet the need for a platform that would help companies carry out the most complex e-commerce strategies.

Okko Huisman
Co-founder & CEO

Okko studied Technical Business Administration and then spent a number of years working in various management and director positions for Markant – an international manufacturer of office furniture. At Markant he was responsible for the automation, purchasing, manufacturing, finance, OEM sales and logistics. In 2010 Okko met Eric Klaasse, like him a driven entrepreneur who saw the need to change the e-commerce landscape.

As a former customer I know from experience the importance of software being scalable, modular, flexible and stable while keeping unnecessary customizations to a minimum. This was our guiding principle for the development of the CloudSuite platform. My goal is to unburden our clients so they don’t have to worry about things like technical IT management but can remain focused on their company’s core business.

Eric Klaasse
Co-founder & CTO

In 1989, several years after completing his Business Information studies, Eric became the co-founder and owner of software company kӕrtSoftware which was later renamed e-Buzz. He was the brain behind the EasyOrder online B2B platform and Bridge/400 ERP. After e–Buzz was acquired by the American company ECi Software Solutions in 2007, Eric stayed on as Chief Technical Officer for over two years.

"You’re not often given the opportunity to develop a completely new product from scratch based on your present expertise and past experience. As a technical developer I grabbed this opportunity with both hands. One of the advantages was that in CloudSuite I could unite the rising trend of B2C and the B2B world in a fluid way. A result that I am very proud of!"