Get to know CloudSuite's new CMS

16-06-2016 CloudSuite Support

Storytelling, inspiration and content marketing are the go-to ways to address your online client. In order to improve the use of these methods and way of interacting, we developed a CMS with the following objectives in mind: flexible maintenance, opportunities, and user-friendliness. These tools allow you the chance to bind your customer and target group better to your organization and sales channels. Goossens Living & Sleeping is the first customer to use our new CMS.


We have given a lot of attention to the needs of our users in order to make the process of adjusting the webshop easier. Therefore, our developers have spent months of work on developing a user-friendly, responsive, and intuitive web based Content Management System (CMS). With the CMS you can instantly upload campaigns and promotional offers online. Additionally you can - from within your browser - design pages, add rich content, impression images and videos (like YouTube or Vimeo) to your blog articles. With the new CMS, users can easily maintain and live update their webshop from within their internet browser. Besides it is now easy to upload images, add promotions, or adjust pages live with a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) -editor.


Inspiring theme pages, better findable SEO-texts, changing colours, and trying new fonts, all of this is now possible! The CMS is adapted to every end user; from beginner to advanced. Beginners quickly get accustomed to the new CMS, as it has become easier to create pages, and to work with images, texts, and videos because of the drag & drop functionality. However, the new CMS is also pleasant to work with for the more advanced developer. For it is still possible to edit pages the alternative way through code (via Javascript, CSS and HTML).


In our Widget Lab we offer a couple of standard plug-ins that are available for every customer. Think of blog plug-in, in which you can easily create a news or blog article, enriched with images or videos which can be shared after publication on social media. Or think of the spot-out plug-in, in which you can fill impression images with the so called ‘spots’ (the products) from this visitors can directly add products to their shopping basket. However, we not only offer standard plug-ins. It is also possible to develop your own widgets via the Widget Lab. General widgets will soon be available for all users.


The new CMS is completely attuned to our responsive theme. 'Responsive' means that the lay-out of the webshop automatically adjusts to the device of the consumer. Hereby the size of the screen is taken into account. This means that the pages the CMS users create are also available for smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop sized screens. This way the visitor is offered an optimum user experience, on both PC and laptop, as well as on table and mobile.