CloudSuite becomes a partner of the IMCC

21-05-2019 CloudSuite

Het IMCC, The Inventory Management Competence Centre is a knowledge hub aimed at supply chain professionals for wholesale and retail companies. IMCC events and activities are organized in collaboration with a select group of complementary partners that each offer expertise in a specific field. These partners include HSO, Transsmart, Slimstock - and of course CloudSuite.

“The match with CloudSuite is perfect", says Harm Beerens, community manager at IMCC. “Many of our members are involved in the transition to e-commerce, managing multiple sales channels and internationalisation. The expertise of CloudSuite and its nice list of customers are very welcome.”

Dennis Zuurhout, CloudSuite marketing manager, sees similar synergies. "The knowledge we bring to the table lies in complex e-commerce strategies for both B2B and B2C.” He continues: “At manufacturing and trading companies, we are seeing an online transition from a traditional order portal to a fully-fledged webshop. After all, the business shopper is also a consumer in the evenings and weekends and expects a similar experience during office hours. An important difference with retail is that in B2B you have to deal with framework contracts, inventory and price agreements.”

As IMCC partner, CloudSuite contributes to the knowledge base on the IMCC website, organises round tables and participates in the IMCC stand at the ICT&Logistics fair

Picture Harm Beerens, IMCC and Dennis Zuurhout, CloudSuite