Van Gelder groente & fruit (Vegetables & Fruits)

B2B Commerce platform as the center of strategic plans for an optimal customer journey.

Van Gelder is a modern fruit and vegetable supplier that, with national coverage, delivers everything fresh to its customers in the field of potatoes, vegetables and fruit (AGF). The motto is: picked today, on the plate tomorrow. The company supplies both processed and unprocessed products and serves about 10,000 customers per week who are active in retail and catering. Van Gelder operates as sustainably as possible and is therefore ISO 220000 / FSSC 22000 certified. In order to grow and to meet the new trends in the market, also in the field of sustainability, the first pile of the new commercial building has recently been driven.

10.000 customers a week
Customer journey facilitation
Futureproof facilitation

Business Case

Online lead generation has become increasingly important. The role of representative decreases in the process of acquiring customers. The following requirements were of great importance for the new platform. One eCommerce platform that facilitates the customer in all phases of the customer relationship (customer journey). In the old situation, various systems were used (website, webshop, external ordering system (inOne) and self-service platform). The strategy had to be adjusted per phase of the customer relationship / target group (customers vs. potential customers)

Van Gelder was looking for an active partner who continuously develops the (standard) platform and who can realize new specific functionalities. The platform had to have a CMS and an integrated PIM. By partnering with CloudSuite, the company can respond to new opportunities and serve its customers even better.

“CloudSuite is an innovative player in the eCommerce market with a futureproof and flexible platform that every marketer can use. For us, the platform is the center of our strategic plans: we can now facilitate the entire customer journey within one platform by inspiring prospects and customers, propagating that we are the fruit and vegetable specialist by sharing knowledge, offering online ordering convenience and generating leads online.”

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Customer specific eCommerce platform

Because of the industry in which Van Gelder is active, high demands are placed on the eCommerce platform. For example, there are not only different price lists to which the customer is added, but specific price agreements are made for each customer on products. The range also differs per customer. When a customer logs in, the customer must therefore be shown specific information, while this should not affect performance. Each user can also create their own order list to order all products from, for example, the menu easily and quickly, with 1 click. It is also possible for Van Gelder to add order lists per user or to create an order list that is visible to all customers.

B2B eCommerce Suite with food specific functionalities

Ease of use, speed and inspiration all play an important role in the Van Gelder webshop. CloudSuite also supports specific functionalities, such as displaying vegetables in various forms. Furthermore, the delivery times functionality has been completely renewed in the new Van Gelder webshop. With this, a customer always has insight into which day an item / order can be delivered. A customer can then choose a desired delivery date for each product. Orders are split based on delivery dates. In addition, the order lists functionality has been expanded, whereby customers can (temporarily) change the order list and adjust the order within the order list. The order list can also be shared with other users of the same customer.

The results

Currently, 98.4% of all orders arrive via the webshop, which in 2019 resulted in almost 500,000 online orders with more than 5,000,000 order lines. eCommerce is more than just an online purchase. With the complete platform, Van Gelder has one place to facilitate the entire customer relationship. In addition, it has improved;

  • More new customers
  • More returning customers
  • Fewer customer questions
  • Better informed customers
  • Satisfied customers
  • Efficiency boost (savings)
  • Improving internal processes: short time to market
Van Gelder inspiratie


  • Vegetables in various forms (kilo / crate / cut bag)
  • Delivery times functionality
  • Create / manage exceptions for holidays (production and delivery days)
  • Two homepages (before and after login)
  • Splitting orders based on delivery day
  • Webshop merged with the website
  • Real-time API integration with BizTalk
  • Advanced order lists
  • Responsive and adaptive CMS
  • cXML integration with customers
  • OCI links
  • Punch-out Birchstreet