All product information easily accessible in one system

Importing product feeds

Thanks to our Product Information Management module you no longer need to work with different sources for your product information. Simply import product feeds from different sources and augment them with features, product descriptions, tags and images. From now on everything is available and clearly arranged in one place.

Working from one portal

Having correct and full product information available is the foundation for every successful webshop; customers need to be able to find what they are looking for quick and easy. With PIM you have your own, unique, portal for the maintenance and simple augmentation of all your product information.

Ideal for online marketing

Using the product information as a basis, your marketing department can set up e-commerce campaigns, such as product promotions, marketing campaigns and special product bundles, centrally in PIM. Selecting supplementary products, cross-selling, and comparable products, upselling, to increase the order value is also very straightforward.

A detailed collection point

Maintaining product descriptions in different languages, filling in the product tree structure, adding media, such as images and film clips, integrating social media, adding extra keywords to facilitate searches, creating brand pages, inspiration pages and effective landing pages. All of this can be done in our PIM; an advanced and extremely user-friendly collection point for detailed product information.


perm_media Media bank

    Pdf files
    Images (jpeg, png)

timeline Product marketing

    Cross- & upselling
    Bundles & sets

label_outline Product information

    Various type attributes
    Versions (size, colour)

favorite Social

    Product reviews
    Social media integration
    Favourite products

event Campaign marketing

    Landing pages
    Campaign management

refresh Data integration

    Adding extra product ranges
    Feeds from third parties

autorenew Product feed marketing

    Offering product feeds to customers
    Sending product feeds to the software of third parties

update Product data manager

    Multiple languages
    Extra keywords for search
    Commercial product tree structure
    Description heredity