The assurance of flexible online commerce

A stable foundation

CloudSuite e-commerce offers you a stable and flexible foundation for online commerce. Our webshops are a component of a smart platform that fulfils all the specific B2B requirements. Integrated with typical B2C functions, such as a responsive design, speed and intuitive ordering convenience, make CloudSuite’s e-commerce platform the most complete solution.

B2C experience

We pay a lot of attention to offering the best customer experience. Our platform includes by default all tools today’s users expect from a webshop, such as a powerful search engine and intuitive navigation.

B2B e-procurement

Our platform has been developed with larger customers, such as government institutions or hospitals in mind. Let them manage their own superusers, authorisations, workflows and budgets online in your webshop and offer them the convenience of order exchange via OCI punchin and OCI punchout.

Manage your marketing campaigns

Managing marketing campaigns to promote your products is simple with our Content Management System (CMS). It also enables you to revise the design of your webshop as you desire.

Business without borders

Do you have clients in other countries? The CloudSuite platform supports multiple languages, currencies and VAT systems and is, therefore, ideal for setting-up international e-shops.

Omnichannel modules

The CloudSuite platform makes setting up multiple webshops for different target groups and then managing them efficiently from one central portal very simple. Combine B2B and B2C sales in your webshops and provide your partners with an extra sales channel via whitelabel shops.


fingerprint Distinctive Look & Feel

    Responsive & mobile
    Landing pages
    Adding banners

list Ordering

    Order lists
    Express order form
    Delivery time information

shopping_basket User experience

    High-end search engine
    Powerful navigation
    Bundles & alternatives
    Partner integration

playlist_add B2B e-procurement

    Exclusive assortments
    Customer groups

alarm Product promotion

    Brand & promotion widget
    Social media (pin, like, +1, tweet)
    Coupons, giftcards, premiums
    Bundles & alternatives

room Order & delivery costs

    Postal code area, province or country
    Payment methods
    Minimum or maximum order value
    Fixed amount or percentage (net or gross)

chat_bubble Call centre module

    Online quotation tool
    Overrule prices & order costs
    Overrule descriptions & images

dashboard Account dashboard

    Invoice overview
    Unpaid invoices
    Orders at a line-by-line level
    Track & trace
    Repeat previous orders