API Connect

Seamless connection with all your systems

ERP systems

Our extensive experience in the field of ERP systems enables us to connect our e-commerce platform with your software without any problems. This integration ensures that your new webshop works efficiently and as a single entity with your back office system.

Software connection enables databases to be synchronised and information, such as products, inventories, orders, customer data and financial data, to be exchanged. Online orders are imported in your ERP system so you can continue managing the information from within the environment you are familiar with.

Payment providers

We support payment via various payment providers. The payment methods, such as iDEAL, PayPal, pre-payment, credit card, debit card and bank transfer, can be adapted to a specific country or shop. In addition to your customer buying ‘on credit’ you can also offer regular customers the option of paying online.

Shopping feeds

Export product feeds to external market places and comparison sites so the online findability of your products is optimized. This will enable you to generate extra visitors for your webshop.

OCI connections

Large end-users (such as hospitals, schools and authorities) have OCI links between their webshops and their customers’ ERP systems. Via OCI punchout and OCI punchin these customers log in and prepare purchase orders in your webshop from their own company system. The purchase orders are then synchronised with your ERP system. This is a fast and efficient ordering method for both you and your customers.

Email & chat providers

Integrating your webshop with e-mail marketing software gives you an efficient way to set up effective marketing campaigns. The connection not only saves you time, it also combines the design possibilities, statistics and target group segmentation of the e-mail software whilst ensuring up-to-date customer data derived from your own database.

A chat function enables you to stay in direct contact with your customers. A chatbox on your website has a positive effect on conversion rates, as customers find this feature pleasant to use. We can set up connections to various chat providers.

Review & tracking tools

Good reviews generate revenue! Allow your customers to evaluate your webshop via an external evaluation site. Reviews managed by an independent party are perceived as being more reliable than reviews organized by the company itself. We will take care of the required connection for you.

Knowledge is power. Connecting your webshop to tracking software offers you a number of possibilities such as monitoring and analysing visitor behaviour and conversion rates, measuring the ROI of your advertisements and marketing campaigns, and carrying out A/B page tests.

Other integrations

Integrations can also be made to, for example, easily import product data. That way you will not have to enter all product data manually. There is also the ability to integrate with various fulfilment services.

Is your system and/or software not listed above?

We have extensive experience in various integrations. Is the right one not on the list? Please contact us to see what the possibilities are.