Order Management (OMS)

The complete solution for your order process

With the CloudSuite Order Management System (OMS), you can organize all your sales, quotations, returns and related integrations with ERP, customers (OCI punch-in and punch-out) or marketplaces. This module allows you to view all online and offline orders, associated shipments with track, trace and backorder information. On top of that, you have control over the checkout communication in the webshop and can split orders by delivery date and based on availability and stock levels at different warehouses.

CloudSuite - Order Management System overzicht

Order Status

The platform allows you to display additional (adjusted) order statuses in the webshop. This is especially useful when the standard statuses are not sufficient to communicate an important status of a web order.

CloudSuite - OCI-koppelingen

Punch out/in & OCI

B2B e-commerce platforms can receive orders from different channels, such as web shops and procurement systems that are used to order non-stocked products from suppliers.

If you have customers that use a Procurement solution like SAP or Ariba, CloudSuite offers the possibility to redirect authorized users to order products directly in your webshop. Initially, within procurement systems, a catalog of products had to be maintained. With the possibility to use the webshop's catalog, it is no longer necessary for your customers to keep product and price data in their own procurement system.

From the procurement system, a user can step out to the suppliers' webshop like your own. Authentication and authorization are entirely handled by the procurement system. Within the webshop the procurement user adds items to the webshop basket, however, instead of going to a checkout the webshop will post all contents of the basket to the procurement system, this includes product and price information as well as information about delivery.

There are two de facto standards for this, SAP Open Catalog Interface - known as OCI- and SAP Ariba cXML PunchOut. CloudSuite supports both standards.