Digital Assets (DAM)

Always optimized images for your webshop

With the CloudSuite DAM we offer a unique way to upload imagery within the CMS which will automatically be optimized (size, loading times, measurements, etcetera) in the webshop. With this module you are capable to automatically display standardized images per client and webshop.

CloudSuite Digital Assets Manager (DAM)

Optimized images

First impressions are all-important, so your homepage, landing pages and product pages have to be spot on. Mood images, product shots, videos and additional tools persuade the visitor to buy the product, while poor product photography will put him off. Good product images bring your shop to life and lead to higher conversion rates.

The CloudSuite DAM module ensures that high-res images are optimized and compressed so that pages are snappy to load, which is essential for a good user experience.

Focus on the product

Online marketer or webshop managers spend a lot of time scaling and cropping images to present the product in the best possible way. A key functionality of the CloudSuite DAM module is the automated cropping of images in various pre-defined file formats. This guarantees that the product remains the focal point of the image, regardless of its size or orientation.

CloudSuite DAM - Focus op het product