The CloudSuite platform

CloudSuite is a complete and modular commerce platform. From order management to advanced e-commerce modules in which the customer journey and conversion are top priority. The platform was developed with the following factors in mind: business agility, an optimal shopping experience, and smart performance. Naturally it is suitable for B2B and B2C, but also for indirect and foreign channels.

State of the art cloud solution

A commerce solution of a larger size must meet high standards. CloudSuite will constantly develop and ensures that your platform
is always up to date. Complicated version updates belong to the past when you use CloudSuite.
You will not have to worry about management, maintenance and security.

Business agility

CloudSuite grows alongside your organization. A multichannel strategy, attending to foreign channels and B2B customers, is completely supported. Naturally this comes with the option to include multiple languages, currencies, and VAT policies. CloudSuite also facilitates selling products through online market places and external feeds.

The ultimate shopping experience

Today's online consumer expects a userfriendly experience during any time of day. From every device, whether this is mobile or desktop. CloudSuite's CMS enables you to easily enrich websites to inspire and connect with your target audience.

Smart performance

CloudSuite is flexible and adjusts itself to your IT environment. We can integrate your existing systems using smart connections. The Order Management modules can also partially support or fully take over your ERP, whilst being able to manage all shops from one environment.