Van Gelder


Van Gelder is a supplier of fruit, vegetables and potatoes all over The Netherlands – everything is delivered fresh to the customer. Its motto is: harvested today, on your plate tomorrow. The business supplies processed and unprocessed food to some 10,000 clients a week, active in retail, hospitality and catering. Van Gelder works as sustainably as possible and has ISO 220000/FSSC 22000 certification. To sustain the momentum of expansion and keep up with market trends, notably in the area of sustainability, the company has embarked on the construction of a new head office.

Van Gelder aan het woord

Waarom onze klant Van Gelder voor CloudSuite heeft gekozen? In 2 minuten vertellen Arie van Pelt en Demis van Kouwen over de uitdaging en de oplossing.

On the co-operation

Business case

Van Gelder is seeing rapid growth, and so demands a platform that can keep up. With its previous platform, Van Gelder began to experience a need for more functionality – such as a delivery time functionality and a Content Management System (CMS). Mindful of these shortcomings but with it eyes firmly fixed on the future, Van Gelder went looking for a more appropriate platform.

Van Gelder wanted a partner that was focused on constantly growing its (standard) platform and able to add on new, specific functionalities. The platform had to have a state-of-the- art CSM and an integrated PIM. By working with CloudSuite, the business can now respond to opportunities and take its customer to the next level.

Customer solution

The Van Gelder webshop is user-friendly, fast and inspirational. CloudSuite also supports a range of food-specific functionalities, such as showing the vegetables in all the different ways it is available. The delivery-time functionality has been completely overhauled. It tells the customer on which day a product or order can be delivered, but he can also select a preferred delivery date for each product, and the order will be split based on these data. The order list functionality has been expanded, enabling customers to (temporarily) change the list and adapt the sequence. The adapted order list can also be shared with other users at the company. The integrated PIM ensures that products can be easily enriched with attributes or inspirational images, populating the webshop with content that is relevant and comprehensive. The CloudSuite CMS is being used actively to create an atmospheric webshop, and to inspire customers. The Van Gelder website has been hosted by CloudSuite since October, merging it with the webshop.


  • Vegetables in different availabilities (kilo/crate/cut and bagged)
  • Delivery-time functionality
  • Adding exceptions/taking account of public holidays (for production and delivery days)
  • Two home pages (before and after login)
  • Splitting orders based on delivery dates
  • Webshop merged with website
  • Real-time API integration with BizTalk
  • Cutting-edge order lists
  • Responsive and adaptive CMS
  • cXML integration with customers
  • OCI couplings 
  • Punch-out Birchstreet

“CloudSuite is an innovative player on the e-commerce market with a future-proof and flexible platform that is easy to use. The platform is at the heart of our strategic objectives. We can now facilitate the complete customer journey from one platform by inspiring prospects and clients, and communicate that we’re the specialists in fruit and vegetables by sharing our knowledge, by making the ordering process simple, and by generating prospects.”

Arie van Pelt - Marketeer Van Gelder

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