Tutorial: how do I create an inspiration page?

25-02-2016 CloudSuite Support

In order to promote brands and products from the webshop you can work with inspiration pages. But how do you create such a page? Check our visual to help you get started. Good luck!

Explanation visual

1. Slider - Place the slider on the top of your page. Suitable for large theme images or catchy one liners.

2. Introduction - Explain your brand or product in maximum 3 sentences.

3. Product images - Strengthen descriptions with images.

4. Products - The most important aspect of the page: show a couple of products. Keep in mind responsive features of your page. Therefore, displaying 4 to 8 products works best.

5. Description - Use this space to elaborate on product specifications.

6. Advantages - Produce a list of all brand or product benefits.

7. Video - Videos are one of the most powerful ways to visually communicate your product. Moreover, they are ideal to create a certain ambiance.

8. What others are saying - Reviews are sales generators, they serve as a tool for indecisive customers to be persuaded to make a purchase.

9. Related brands and articles - Don’t forget to present related products and brands, as they generate more conversion within your webshop.

10. Social media sharing - As your visitors share your content on social media you will be more likely to reach more people.

11.  Call-to-action - Eventually, there is the possibility to promote call-to-action, e.g. a subscription to the newsletter.