Tips for the implementation of a new eCommerce platform

25-07-2019 CloudSuite

Are you considering a new eCommerce platform (replatforming)? Then pay attention to implementation and go-live. It often happens that the transition to a new system is underestimated. In this fourth and final blog about replatforming, we give you 7 practical tips for a flawless start.

tips implementatie ecommerce platform

7 tips for the implementation process

  1. Put together an internal project team to prepare for implementation.
  2. Ask your implementation partner for a clear project plan.
  3. Keep your data ready: product information, customer-specific pricing, order history and stock information. This data is transferred to the new system.
  4. Present a demo version to a small group of customers. Use their feedback to make adjustments.
  5. Reserve time to detect software bugs.
  6. Test your platform extensively on issues such as speed and stability.
  7. Check whether the applications that are linked to your platform function as desired.

Measure, analyze and optimize

Realize that the go-live of your new platform is not the end of the project. Rather a new beginning. It is wise to think about the aftercare beforehand. Therefore keep the internal project team ready even after launch. Once you are in the air, they can detect and correct any errors.

Also reserve a budget for the further development of your platform: after going live, the continuous process of conversion optimization begins. Constantly measuring, analyzing and adjusting to make it as easy as possible for your customer.

Help with replatforming

Replatforming can give your webshop a huge boost. Time and money do not have to be an obstacle: there are enough parties that can help you with a smooth transition from one e-commerce platform to another.

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Do you need help or do you want advice on the implementation of a new e-commerce platform? CloudSuite is happy to help you. Contact us by phone at 030-7501525, or e-mail us at

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