The new webshop of Goossens living & sleeping is live!

09-06-2016 CloudSuite

This week the brand new webshop of Goossens Living & Sleeping went live. The mission of Goossens is to become a customer oriented omnichannel organization. Within the webshop - that runs on CloudSuite’s software - the end user is at the center of attention. Moreover, everything is about inspiration and experience. The products offered in the new shop are modern, contemporary designer furnitures for living, dining and bedroom purposes.


Goossens asked for a future proof commerce platform in which webshops can also be employed in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, and serve diverse target groups (both B2C and B2B) as well. Additionally, the company sought an integrated PIM-system to enrich products with attributes, variants and bundles. In their search the company found CloudSuite. We have seamlessly integrated their ERP-system (KISS), which they have been working with for years, into their platform.


In time the stores will start working with the omnichannel modules of CloudSuite. These modules will make it possible for the employees to serve customers in the physical stores with tablets. Moreover, it is also possible for clients to see the complete store assortment via pillars in the store. The necessary data will come from the central CloudSuite database.


The family business that was established in 1954 is a concept with fifteen living- and bedroom stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Nowadays, the company employs 600 people on a daily basis, meanwhile already the third generation of the family is leading the business. Moreover, Goossens produces almost all of their furnitures themselves. Goossens uses a custom approach in terms of colors, fabrics, and measurements. This way every customer receives a personal advice.

Goossens uses our latest feature: the spot-out plugin. 


  • Multilingual
  • Multi-language
  • Cross-border strategy
  • Diverse target groups (B2B and B2B)
  • Integrated PIM-system
  • Responsive
  • Omnichannel-modules CloudSuite
  • Furniture-configurator
  • Moodboard
  • Furniture-tinder