Spotlight on two new features

22-12-2015 CloudSuite Support

CloudSuite isn’t resting on its laurels! Behind the scenes, our developers and designers are busy creating new webshop features. Below we highlight two that we will be coming on-stream in 2016.


With our spot-out- feature we are creating an even more inspirational experience on our webshops. A spot-out is a mood image of, say, a living room, bedroom or bathroom that has been decorated already with products from the webshop. The visitor can click on ‘spots’ (the products) on the image and immediately see the product information and add the goods to their shopping basket.

With the spot-out feature, users can click on products and put them in their shopping baskets without any fuss


Our developers are working on a user-friendly, responsive and intuitive web-based Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to make a lot of changes to your webshop directly from your browser. With a WYSIWYG (What-You- See-Is- What-You- Get) editor, adding widgets, uploading images and editing live pages becomes child’s play. We also plan to add a slider-widget for images, to add an option to manage headers and footers, and to implement a drag and drop function for the landing pages.