An international multishop eCommerce platform for B2B and B2C. A unique mobile only ordering platform for retailers and a headless shop for the consumer. Both sharing one backend.

The Dutch company Secrid has been producing cardholders and wallets since 2009. The company has recently gone through a period of rapid growth and is now exporting to more than 70 countries.

Secrid's range reflects this creed: the designs are timeless but the functionalities are modern - the Cardprotector range protects against unwanted wireless communication, for example. This combination appeals: the product runs like clockwork with about 8,000 points of sale all over the world.

8000 retailer world wide
Mobile first e-commerce platform
Headless e-commerce implementation

Business Case

Secrid wants to further expand its international presence. To support those plans, the company needed a B2B eCommerce platform to automate the order flow and phase out the stacks of Excel sheets used by the retailers. Doing business via email, fax or telephone became much too cumbersome. This also hampered Secrid's ambition to become the world leader in pocketwear. In addition, Secrid strongly believes that B2B sales are increasingly taking place via mobile.

A pocket sized eCommerce platform for a pocket sized product

With the mobile only B2B eCommerce platform, the customer has every convenience via his mobile phone. He places the order via a simple and user friendly interface and this can be found within the Retail Platform. The customer can also view and download his invoices here.

The customer always has product information, news, service and trade fair information at hand. The platform gives Secrid's identity and creativity as product designers an online look that is as unique as the brand itself. With this, Secrid offers the best possible digital service to the customer.

With the user friendly mobile only B2B eommerce platform, the customer always has the Secrid wallet and the possibility for product purchasing within reach, in his pocket.

"We made a completely custom design together with an external design agency and that was fully implemented in the Cloudsuite eCommerce platform. There were almost no restrictions to this so that we could translate our vision and product branding into the B2B eCommerce platform."

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Thomas Boogert - IT & ERP Manager SECRID

Financial benefits and ROI

The first gain of the platform is time savings for both Secrid and their customers. Complex and personalized information is very quickly and easily accessible. The retailers love that and there is time available for new value-adding things.

Secrid expects to recoup the investment of the platform in time savings in 2 years through the automation in order processing. This is subject to the condition that 50% of orders are placed via the platform and that the platform will be rolled out worldwide within a year.

Headless B2C shop

In addition to the B2B channel, Secrid also serves a B2C sales channel. This channel has been developed headless so that there is complete freedom in the frontend area and they can continue to use their own developed and trusted CMS environment. Secrid manages both the B2B and B2C sales channel from one eCommerce environment with CloudSuite.

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