Product update: expansion promotion engine

27-02-2018 CloudSuite

Discount on an additional product

With this bundle, a discount can be linked to a specific quantity of products. For example, a 30% discount on the second pair of jeans.

50 percent discount on the second pillow 

Discount on a specific quantity of products

Sell a specific quantity of products within a group for a specific price by using this bundle. Examples are two jeans for €100 or three t-shirts for €70.

Discount on a product or a product group

This feature enables you to add discounts to one or more products within a group. Such as a 15% discount on all jeans. This bundle also allows for discounts that increase with the purchased quantity of products: buy one, get 30% off or buy two, get 40% off.

15% discount on selected products

A fixed price for an additional product

By using this bundle, you can sell an additional product for a fixed price. For example, the second item for €1 or the second jeans for €50. 

A free product with your purchase

With this bundle, it is possible to give a free product when a specific quantity of products has been bought. Examples are the second t-shirt for free or the sixth chair for free. With this type of discount, the cheapest product will be for free.

The sixth chair for free

In order to avoid conflict between promotions, you can give a higher or lower priority to every promotion. Making sure every discount will be calculated correctly in the shopping cart. All the options were made available during the last update in the CloudSuite standard package. Are you curious about how this can be implemented in your webshop? Please contact your consultant.

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