Party supplies supplier Folat chooses CloudSuite

24-08-2018 CloudSuite

Folat, a leading producer and importer of party supplies, opts for the CloudSuite platform, a scalable and modular commerce platform that can facilitate the future growth ambitions of Folat and also strengthen the Folat brand name and image internationally.

Folat has a portfolio of 8,000 products, with an annual introduction of 800 new products, dozens of international licenses and private label products, and is one of the top 5 companies in party supplies in Europe. The sale takes place through multiple channels, including a European webshop. From its modern warehouse, Folat serves more than 3,000 customers and retailers inland and overseas, through sophisticated logistics, ranging from fast shipment (within 48 hours) to "just in time".


The current webshop does no longer meets the requirements and ambition that Folat has in mind. CloudSuite will provide Folat with an optimally functioning B2B webshop, including CMS, DAM and Order Management module. This is future-proof and offers the possibility to merge the website and the various shops. In addition, it is easy to start multiple shops from the platform and expand internationally with multiple currencies, languages and VAT regimes.


CloudSuite also works closely in this project with its partner Wholesale Consulting Group, which uses its ESB solution to set up a generic ESB integration with the recently launched CloudSuite REST API and the ERP system Unit4 Agresso Wholesale used by Folat. In a similar project for Drabbe, the same ESB integration was also chosen.