Paardekooper wins prestigious e-commerce hallmark

10-11-2016 CloudSuite

Paardekooper is part of the PACOMBI-group. The webshop sells packaging, disposables and hygiene products. The webshop platform is run by CloudSuite software. 


Thuiswinkel Waarborg (Guarantee) has been the leading quality hallmark for B2C webshops for over 15 years. Consumers want to know with whom they are doing business, but of course the same goes for the B2B market. That is why the Thuiswinkel Waarborg hallmark has been extended for the business market, and Thuiswinkel Zakelijk was born.

Secure and reliable online shopping

Not every organization can be a member of Thuiswinkel Zakelijk stands for secure and reliable online shopping so members have to stick to the law and the relevant industry regulations. This is why (potential) members go through a process of certification; existing members are re-approved every year. The process of certification consists of three parts: a legal test, financial monitoring and a safety scan.

We congratulate Paardekooper on this ringing endorsement!