New partnership with OnModus: better solutions when it comes to customer experience and digital innovation

15-02-2018 CloudSuite

Talking to… Renate van der Vaart from OnModus

"At CloudSuite, we make sure that our customers are satisfied and we go the extra mile when it comes to platform innovation and advice," says Siebe. This is in line with the vision of OnModus. At the CloudSuite Commerce Event, Renate gave a presentation on how you can activate your customer to empower the end consumer. "Yes, that absolutely is our motto", says Renate, "we support the business athletes within organizations by sharing concrete knowledge around digital marketing". 

"What I often hear in conversations with clients is that they are not able to fully exploit their web environments. Even though they are building customer journeys and creating content, it doesn’t lead to the desired results, "says Renate. "Yes, we often get questions about this topic too'', Siebe confirms. "The customer indicates: we have a beautiful high-tech platform. Now what?"

This often has to do with a lack of knowledge within the organization and that is exactly where OnModus can provide support, according to Renate. "The field of marketers has changed a lot in the past years and, in my view, this will continue in the years coming. Just look at the changing role of content marketing."

Renate van der Vaart gave a presentation at the CloudSuite Commerce Event about personalization

Content anno 2018

"We are living in the era of the consumer," says Renate, "and therefore, brands can not only use push communication about their products and brand. Today's consumers have specific requirements and preferences and they expect that companies respond to these. In addition, strict laws and regulations ensure minimal differences in the quality of the product. So only companies that offer a good customer experience and meet the needs of the customer have a chance to engage with the consumer."

"Technological progress plays a role too in creating content. Anyone can create content nowadays and we do that in large numbers. This only increases the 'fight' for the attention of the consumer. As a result, the importance of good content has increased. That’s why it’s important that you give your content context."

"But how do you do that?" asks Siebe. "With another buzzword," laughs Renate, "with data, data and even more data. Not only collecting data, but also analyzing and then using this data contributes to the optimal customer experience. The collected data will give you the possibility to optimize your content by using personalization and A/B tests, and will help you to determine which content is relevant. This will enable you to have a more personal relationship with your customer. The data also gives you insights into consumer preferences. By doing so, you will let your platform and communication channels grow organically rather than driven by Search Engine Advertising (SEA). This allows you to deploy your communication budget in a better way.''

The new content marketing: context marketing

"So if I understand correctly," says Siebe, "content marketing shifted to the playing field of context marketing". "True", says Renate, "companies must know their, potential, customers and use personalization and the right timing to respond to specific needs and requirements. This means a change in mindset is needed. From thinking differently about the way you create and publish content to how you communicate to the consumer. It is an elaborate game of data, content, intelligence and omnichannel on your owned, earned and paid channels. This is the only way that allows you to take the guesswork out of developing a great brand and customer experience. What I see with clients who embrace this way of marketing, is that there is an increase in average conversion of 19 to 25 percent which leads to loyal customers. In the end that is what every brand wants."

According to Siebe, that sounds like enough of a challenge. "If you look at trend reports, you'll see that every marketer speaks about this new form of marketing but, according to consumers, nothing happens. This is often a breaking point for consumers to choose for a brand and be loyal." "Indeed, but that challenge makes my work and that of my colleagues so much fun. By working with partners and bundling all of our knowledge expertise, we can offer customers the 'OnModus experience' and form a great result in customer experiences", Renate ends.

Inspired by this interview? Keep an eye on the CloudSuite website. CloudSuite and OnModus will organize a number of masterclasses in the field of Commerce and Experience Marketing. Don't want to wait for the masterclasses? Please feel free to contact us.