A passion for Online Marketing

About Multiply

We see ourselves as connectors. With our knowledge of online marketing, we facilitate the message of the customer, its product and story on every conceivable platform. All this so that our partner reaches the right listeners. At Multiply we prefer to talk about partners rather than customers. That is why we like to share our knowledge in the form of training or advice and we like to work together in a balanced and transparent manner. We value honesty and see trust as a key concept.

We work from data to information and switch to it with an online marketing mix that is perfectly tailored to the situation of the customer. We will therefore never try to sell them something they do not need at all to achieve their goal.

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The team

Multiply is young, innovative and able to switch quickly. Each of us wants to perform in order to achieve the best result for the customer. When you are at our office you can already see that in the fierce battle at the table tennis table (and many other things).

Our core values are: empathic, honest, trust, fun, flexible and competitive.


Data is the starting point where our route starts. Whether you want to promote your brand or product, be better found or improve the interface of your website, data is always the starting point. Without insight into your data, you cannot make decisions, see opportunities and only rely on trust. We even have data to substantiate that data is important.

To be able to build a good data model, we use various tools and methodologies to make your micro and macro goals measurable. By combining everything, we can gain insight into the success we achieve together.


To quickly notice a difference in your online performance, performance is an extremely powerful tool in our arsenal. Performance is often used to approach someone who is close to a purchase moment. This can be both products and services.

Performance is driven by 'intent' or intention. As soon as someone has a certain question or need, they will look for it. That search starts on a search engine such as Google / Bing or, for example, on a marketplace such as Amazon or You want to be here as a company with advertisements to respond to that demand. This can be done with text and images or a combination. If you don't come forward it's someone else and you've missed an important opportunity.


In a competitive market it is becoming increasingly important to position your brand and company. Why would someone buy from you and how do I reach them before my colleague does?

With branding you ensure that you appeal to new target groups and become better known among your current target group. You can do that by, for example, advertising with banners on other sites or shooting a commercial for YouTube or social media. You have to be where your target audience is. We ensure that you reach the people with your service or product.


"I do get visitors on my website but in the end I don't know why they don't do what I want." Recognizable? We see (too) often that attracting new visitors is the highest priority while the website does not convert well. If you ensure that not 1% but 2% of your visitors take the desired action, you will double without spending an extra marketing euro.

With various tools and methodologies we provide insight into the intention of the visitor and the bottlenecks on the site. We believe in a working method in which we tackle and solve the bottlenecks one by one. The result of this method is ultimately an increase in conversion rates.