Multi-vendor portal Gartenträume live

12-02-2016 CloudSuite

“Can we go online with the products that we bring to market at our trade fairs?” That was the question de Methoeve E-Stores BV asked CloudSuite a couple of months ago. Mission accomplished, phase 1 completed! The webshop is live and we have also built a multi-vendor portal, especially for exhibitors.

Phase 2

In the next phase, each exhibitor will get an account so they can log in to the online portal on the web browser. Once you are logged in, you see a dashboard with purchase orders, shipments, track & trace and sales orders. Exhibitors can operate VAT tariffs from different countries. They can also add new assortments and edit the existing product range. As soon as the assortment is online, the products are immediately visible in the webshop, ready to be ordered!


  • Multi-vendor portal
  • Website and shop are completely integrated
  • Responsive
  • Implementation of CloudSuite ERP Finance
  • CloudSuite CRM
  • Different VAT tariffs

De Methoeve Organisatie BV organizes many gardening and Christmas fairs in Germany and Luxembourg – Gartenträume and Winterträume being the most well-known. Webshops for other Methoeve businesses are launching in due course (and that is why De Methoeve E-stores BV was incorporated).

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