Meet our new co-workers

21-02-2018 CloudSuite

At the beginning of 2018 we welcomed some new colleagues at CloudSuite. We are pleased to introduce them to you.

Ilona Nieuwenhuizen

 Ilona has started work as a HR Business Partner at CloudSuite. After years of experience at Yacht and Tempo-Team, she will take care of human resources at CloudSuite and ensures that the right people join our team.

Dimitri Pater

 Dimitri started as a Senior Software Developer at CloudSuite. After a lot of experience with Django and Python, Dimitri is going to focus on the link between Tryton and webshops at CloudSuite.

Martijn Saly

 As a Senior Frontend Developer, Martijn will ensure that every website looks good. From round corners to algorithmic data crunching, from drop-down menus to adaptability for visual restrictions: Martijn has already gained much experience in the field of development.

Alyssa Vogelaar

 Alyssa is studying Business Management and recently started with her internship at CloudSuite. She will be working in the marketing department and she will focus mainly on the website, online marketing and events.


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