The ESB for eCommerce

About Magement

Magement offers specialised ESB software and services for the eCommerce market. Our ESB allows your systems to be connected more reliably and faster. Like your ERP, WMS, PIM, and so on. Magement gives you insights and control of your systems data streams with a user friendly interface.

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Benefits of the solution

  • No ‘jack of all trades’ but a modern, eCommerce focussed ESB
  • Reduce the ‘time to market’ by normalising data in Magement
  • Its open architecture gives you full control over the software and the integrations
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The ESB for eCommerce developers

  • ESB software for eCommerce for developers, small medium business and enterprise
  • Supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many connections In-depth monitoring capabilities
  • Plug-and-play and Custom connectors Cloudsuite, SAP, Akeneo, Custom ERP’s and more
  • Solve complex integrations by routing, storing and transforming data to your needs
  • Future-proof IT landscapes by connecting, migrating and interchanging systems
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Curious about what Magement can do for you?

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