How to take a bigger bite out of the B2B eCommerce food market?

How B2B wholesalers and food producers should digitize to protect their market share and take advantage of growth opportunities within the industry.

Why do you have to digitize to protect your market share?

Consumers in developed economies will not eat more, but very differently in the next ten years. The market is hungry for change, and this offers tremendous growth opportunities for the B2B food sector, far outweighing the downward pull of low economic growth and aging.

Highlights of this whitepaper

  • Opportunities for growth of eCommerce in the food market
  • Differentiators for B2B food sector
  • The direct-to-consumer model
  • Optimization of the ordering process
  • The need for personalization
  • The danger and chance of blurring
  • How sustainability is becoming increasingly important

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