Exact Globe

Integrate the CloudSuite eCommerce platform with Exact Globe

About Exact Globe

Exact Globe is the solution for organizations with more than 25 employees and more than 100 orders per day. An ERP system with which you can easily and simply organize and structure your entire business administration. From financial administration, production administration to logistics administration, Exact Globe Next is the answer to all problems.

CloudSuite e-commerce integratie met Exact Globe

Integrating Exact Globe with the CloudSuite platform

Seamless integration between CloudSuite and Exact Globe. Harness the full potential of our eCommerce platform with full real-time two-way integration. We work together with Copernicus to realize this integration.

Integratie Exact met ESB

Benefits of integrating with an ERP system

  • Up-to-date webshop with customer specific price agreements and conditions
  • Customers have 24/7 access to customer data
  • Automatic processing of online orders, order status and invoices
  • Time savings and fewer errors because manual work is unnecessary
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Continue working with your own trusted ERP software

CloudSuite customers successfully integrated with Exact Globe

Succesvolle CloudSuite e-commerce integratie met Exact Globe voor Noordhuis
Succesvolle CloudSuite e-commerce integratie met Exact Globe voor Klein Beernink

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