eCommerce replatforming: 6 technical considerations

A crucial list of IT decisions you cannot ignore

The choices for IT when it comes to replatforming your eCommerce environment

An eCommerce platform that gets in the way of your growth ambitions or hinders the success of a new product line is a gift for your competitors. That's why the decision was made. Replatforming!

This whitepaper assumes that you have all but made up your mind to re-platform and now need to review the key technical decisions that need to be taken before you commit yourself to a project. To help guide you through this process, we have outlined the 6 main technical considerations for scoping your re-platforming.

Some highlights of this whitepaper

  • Open Source or SaaS
  • Best-of-breed or Full Suite
  • API-driven eCommerce and the option of Headless
  • Integration with the IT environment
  • Security
  • Future proof

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