CloudSuite achieves integration with Active Ants

11-10-2016 CloudSuite Support

CloudSuite has integrated with e-fulfilment service Active Ants. Active Ants stores goods, packs them and organises distribution for webshops. This is attractive for many online businesses that want to outsource their logistics and storage.

In September 2016, the baby clothing brand nOeser went live on the CloudSuite platform. The company manages its logistics and storage via Active Ants. The financial and stock management capabilities are leading; the integration with Active Ants was done from CloudSuite ERP. This means that all orders go directly to Ants and after delivery, the (fulfilled) order goes back to the shop so the stock position is always up to date – and blunders are a thing of the past.

Active Ants works for top brands with a national profile; already, more than 70 webshops are using the service. If you are interested in integrating with Active Ants, please contact us. 

Rabobank TV commercial: The investment of Active Ants [source: YouTube]