Business webshops boring? Not at all!

10-03-2016 Bram Peulers

Zakelijke webshops worden nog vaak gezien als ietwat saai en ouderwets. Blijkbaar hebben veel bedrijven nog moeite met het overbrengen van branding, gebruiksvriendelijkheid en customer experience op een visueel aantrekkelijke manier. Toch komen we -gelukkig- steeds vaker goed gestylde zakelijke webshops die er fris uitzien en waarbij ook gedacht is aan de bezoeker. Bekijk hier onze top-8.

8. Datona

  • Customer reviews directly visible
  • Personal touch by introducing personnel
  • Fresh colors (blue, orange and white)
  • Clear product images

Conclusion: Datona gives a personal feel to the webshop by introducing their employees. The website looks fresh, because they use the same color palette on all pages (blue, orange and white).

7. Firerock

  • Great use and integration of Pinterest
  • A lot of impression images
  • Perfect use of moodboards

Conclusion: Even though the website of Firerock leaves some to be desired, we do applaud the effort they have put into their pinterest page. There they have managed to present their pictures in attractive and thematic images.

6. Grainger

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Comprehensive search functions
  • Extensive product specifications

Conclusion: Grainger has a large and broad assortment, but with the right tools it knows how to keep the shop orderly.

5. Leaseplan

  • Organized webshop
  • Engaging color use
  • Large impression images
  • Interactive filters

Conclusion: The website of Leaseplan is clear and contains a lot of impression images. Moreover, the homepage is easy on the eye as it uses soft colors like orange, white and black. Are you searching for a new lease car? With the help of interactive filters you can easily find the right car.

4. Squareup

  • One-pager: long scrolling-page
  • Notable icons
  • Clean design

Conclusion: Square delivers a point-of-sale system. The one-page website with a long scrolling-page highlights the product using videos, demos, customer cases and reviews.

3. Bouncepad

  • One big inspiration page
  • Large photos
  • Several Bouncepads orderly presented
  • Inspirational case-studies

Conclusion: Bouncepad is a good example of a webshop in which a functional product can also be displayed appealing.

2. Manutan

  • Bright background
  • Mix of prominent colors
  • Clear and ordered submenu
  • Notable search bar

Conclusion: Manutan knows how to intelligibly present their large and broad assortment with clear images and a stylish submenu.

1. Blake Envelopes

  • Quality pictures
  • Colorful images against a light background
  • Theme based search terms
  • Clear navigation
  • Attractive theme pages
  • Inspiring Twitter feed

Conclusion: Even though Blake envelopes is offering a not so sexy product, by means of visually attractive designed webshops and integrated social media channels, buying envelopes instantly becomes an attractive and engaging activity.


It is thus possible to combine a fresh design with customer experience in your corporate webshop. Are you curious how you can build powerful branding in your B2B webshop? Then read the article 'The power of branding in corporate e-commerce'.