8 tips on how to promote online products

01-10-2015 CloudSuite

Creating a webshop is hardly a piece of cake, but promoting your products outside a webshop is actually more difficult. How do you go about doing this? And how do you attract more visitors to your digital shop? We have some handy tips for you.

1. Spend time on email marketing

Send out a newsletter with offers, discounts and competitions at least once a week. Not only will you get direct orders, it also gives your products a certain exclusivity. Subscribers get the VIP treatment because they alone have access to your limited offers. Need more subscribers? Offer new customers discounts on their first purchase(s) and promote this on social media.

2. Exploit market places

Use shopping feeds to export your products to external market places and comparison websites such as Google Shopping or eBay. This enhances the findability of your product offering, and you reach a vast group of people.

3. Blog about your products

Write a regular blog for products that have an emotional charge such as brands, clothing or electronics. In this way, you are informing customer and creating content that stands out on Google. Share your blogs on social media to increase your reach. Link your blogs with inspiration pages around a particular theme or product, pulling customers from what they like to what you sell on your product pages and energizing them with ideas.

4. Let others sell your products

Let others sell your products. Join an affiliation network and find a publisher that can guarantee more conversions and more sales. These content publishers could be successful businessmen who promote your products on their blogs or advertise them on their websites.

5. Communicate with your followers

Communicate directly with your followers on social media about topics that interest them, as well as about offers and new products. But first invest in growing your “fan base”, through Facebook “like” actions, for instance, or through paid advertising. You reward everyone who gives your Facebook action the thumbs with a discount.

6. Advertise on Facebook

Promote your products on Facebook Offers. Consider using “weekend offers” or offers valid on public holidays. You place these offers strategically with your target group and couple them with discount codes on your webshop. And watch the hits go up!

7. Find link partners

Search for websites or webshops that write about similar topics. Approach these “partners” with a view to exchanging links. The more links you have, the more hits you’ll get on your webshop. What is more, your products will rise in the Google rankings because the search engine puts a premium on relevant backlinks.

8. Don’t forget!

Finally, a few things you should never forget:

  • Contact other bloggers who write about your products
  • Include your web shop URL in your email signoff
  • Print the URL on marketing and packaging material
  • Be active on LinkedIn forums or LinkedIn groups