10 facts you need to know about online shopping behavior

14-12-2015 CloudSuite

CloudSuite has compiled a top 10 of remarkable facts about online shopping behavior that are too good to miss!

Here they are:

1. 54% of your visitors are prepared on a next visit to pay for the products they left in their shopping basket – if the price is lower than the previous visit, that is (eCommerce Survey 2014).

2. 23% of shoppers leave your web shop if they have to open a new account to make a purchase (KISSmetrics). 

3. 67% of filled shopping baskets are never checked out. In other words, 67% of your potential buyers leaves your web shop without making a purchase (Baymard Institute).

4. 22% of men make online purchases on their smartphone, against “just” 18% of women (Business Insider Intelligence).

5. 44% of online shoppers will abandon their basket if it turns out during the check-out process that delivery costs are too high (North American Technographics Retail Online Survey).

6. 62% of women online shoppers pay attention to discounts and special offers, against 57% of male shoppers (FactBrowser).

7. 93% – the yearly growth of online purchases on social media (TrueShip).

8. 57% of your visitors leave your webshop if they have to wait longer than 3 seconds for a page to load (Strangeloop Networks).

9. 61% of visitors judge a brand more positively if they have had a good mobile experience (Latitude).

10. 31% of online shoppers are more inclined to make a purchase after a live web chat (BoldChat).

These findings are based on research carried out in 2014, mostly in the US although they are undoubtedly also valid for the European market.